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Dangerous Wheelchair Ramp

Not only does this make the business look unprofessional, but it potentially can be a hazard for someone in a wheelchair. Keeping wheelchair ramps, steps, sidewalks in good shape makes you business look good and your customers safe.

10 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Parking Lot

1) Up-Front Cost. Concrete parking lots are increasingly cost effective compared to asphalt parking lots due to rising petroleum prices, asphalt shortages. 2) Life-Time Cost. Concrete parking lots require very little maintenance. Re-sealing is recommended every 3-4 years, and can be done very economically with virtually no down time. 3) Lighting. Because concrete is light[…]

Broken Curbs are Unsightly

Many times we run into parking lots that have taken abuse from snow plows. Often the edge of the curb get nicked and results in broken concrete. After just one winter, water has penetrated the concrete and froze several times, causing the concrete to begin to break apart even more.

Filling Parking Lot Cracks Before Winter

Pavement cracks. It happens and it can’t be avoided. You can, however, avoid costly repairs and premature pavement deterioration by fixing cracks and other minor problems as they occur. Taking care of cracks before freezing temperatures sets will definitely save you money. Fall is a perfect time to do this, since the days are still[…]

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