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Pothole Repair for Your Parking Lot

Not only are they unsightly, potholes can be hazardous to both people and vehicles travelling through your parking lot. It is extremely important to get them filled as soon as they form, to ensure that they don’t just get larger. Harsh winters around the St. Louis area lead to lots of potholes, and continued freezing and thawing just makes the problem worse. Don’t hesitate; call Buchheit Construction today to have your parking lot potholes filled in properly.

Buchheit Construction is a leader in repairing potholes in parking lots and driveways. Our team of experts has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pothole repair needs, and we make sure to use the highest quality equipment and products to ensure that your parking lot is pothole free. We take pride in our ability to solve a problem right the first time, no matter what. If your parking lot is neglected and in need of repairs, don’t hesitate. Safe parking lots are extremely important and we at Buchheit Construction know how to fix them properly.

We repair all kinds of parking lot pothole problems, such as:

Parking lot potholes are dangerous and unsightly. The faster you get a pothole repaired, the better, as to prevent the pothole from growing larger. Buchheit Construction can handle potholes of any size, and we make sure they are filled in properly.

You don’t want your customers to have to zig-zag into your parking lot and avoid hitting potholes, so don’t worry; we’ve got that covered. We specialize in quick-set asphalt so that we can minimize the amount of time that your driveway is inaccessible.

Small potholes can quickly become large potholes from repeatedly being driven over. We come ready with the tools to repair any size of pothole.

The asphalt that we use is of the best possible quality and will ensure a long lasting and durable fix. The key to a good pothole fix is to use the right kind of asphalt for the job, and that’s our expertise!

We don’t skimp on materials when it comes to pothole repair. We have years of experience that tells us that if you fix a pothole right the first time, it stays fixed. There’s nothing worse that a pothole that keeps reappearing. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

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We understand how important it is that your project is done on time and within your budget, so we’ll work with you at every step along the way to make sure that both are met. Time is money and that saying rings even more true when your customers do not have anywhere to park! Buchheit Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance has been serving the community for well over 35 years. Trust the name.


Our team is comprised of highly skilled construction workers and contractors. We have the experience and the expertise to get the job done on time no matter the scope of the project. We’re proud to serve Saint Louis and the Greater Saint Louis Area. Properly maintaining your parking lot will go a long way to extending its life. We don’t cut corners and we are always professional. Trust the name!

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